Unwind to the new - Tattoo Butter packs in new design!

Unwind to the new - Tattoo Butter packs in new design!

Here comes the new! It's time for the revolution of the bestselling Tattoo Butter from Loveink. It has always been our priority to provide the highest quality tattoo cosmetics, we have taken care of all the details and now to complete our creation. We are changing the packaging, to one that not only looks better, but also fully aligns with our values. In response to your expectations, we are also introducing Tattoo Butter in a larger capacity - 250 ml!

Aluminium tin with a new label

Our bestselling and irreplaceable Tattoo Butter is undergoing a metamorphosis! We make sure that our products are of the highest quality inside and out. So we are moving away from the usual plastic packaging in favour of aluminium cans. Why? Because they are more ecological, practical and durable. The labels have been given additional finishing touches - now they look even more impressive! From the first touch you will see that this is a premium product with an unchanged interior.

Larger capacity of Tattoo Butter 250 ml - economical and more ecological!

We always listen attentively to your needs, which is why we know that owners of larger tattoos like to keep a supply in their make-up bags and tattooers lubricate with it while tattooing more often than during breakfast. Therefore, we present to you a new, capacity - up to 250 ml Tattoo Butter! This is not only a longer lasting benefit of our tattoo care but also a more economical and environmentally friendly solution!

Discover a new dimension in tattoo care with new packaging and larger capacities of our bestselling tattoo butters with the old, unchanged composition!

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