If we meet here it means that you are interested in our story and the vision we follow - let's get to know each other better! 🙂

Loveink brand was created in response to the needs of tattoo artists and you - their and our customers. Sometimes we emphasize that we know our industry inside out. Loveink as a project was created even before the idea of cosmetics production was born. None of the members of our team was blessed with enough talent to work as an artist, but a tattoo acrimony has always accompanied us. It was this acrimony that repeatedly led us to many tattoo studios as clients, but also as diligent observers. Many hours of conversations and watching artists at work resulted in a vision to create products dedicated to tattoos, which until then were not on the market. This is how our first cosmetic was created - the well-known Tattoo Butter 🙂 .

After more than 7 years on the market, we can boast not only several hundred thousand cosmetics sold in Poland and abroad, but also an exceptional community of satisfied customers and artists who trust our brand. We are not resting on our laurels and are constantly refining our formulas to perfection so that the cosmetic in your hands is the best option available.

We create our cosmetics from the idea to the final product completely in Poland. We cared about maximally simple, natural and at the same time rich compositions, so we selected each ingredient ourselves by trial and error. We do not accept compromises - we dermatologically test our products on sensitive skin before introducing them to the market, in order to minimize the risk of allergies.

We are not braggarts, but we have reason to be proud.

Tattoo Butter Aloe was recognized with an honorable mention by Polish Men's Health magazine in the category , "Product of the Year 2020".

Loveink is part of PETA's ,,Beauty without Bunnies" program as a completely vegan and non-animal testing brand, you will find the bunny stamp on all our packaging. In addition to our furry friends, we also care about the planet - we protect our packages for shipping with tissue paper and send them in cardboard boxes. When we have a choice, we choose eco-friendly solutions.

We work with the best tattoo artists in Poland. Members of our ProTeam regularly win awards at international conventions. In cooperation with them, we organize seminars and tattoo conferences, where we educate and reveal the secrets of working with a needle in hand. We also look for talents yet undiscovered in Poland - we organize the contest , "Loveink Future Stars", whose past winners - Ozzy and Johnny Thunder go with us to international events and immediately win awards in their categories.

We invite you to put your tattoo in our hands.