Launch of the limited Tattoo Oil Raspberry - New quality in tattoo care

Launch of the limited Tattoo Oil Raspberry - New quality in tattoo care

For many of us, tattoos are more than just body decoration. They are an indication of personality, artistic expression and souvenirs of important moments in life. That's why it is so important to take proper care of them to help keep them beautiful and sharp for years ahead.
We all wish to keep them in the best possible condition over the years. That's why we are constantly improving and creating new tattoo care products, looking for the best possible formulas. This is exactly how our new, limited Tattoo Oil Raspberry was created. Our loyal customers certainly remember the tattoo oils. At least you don't let us forget about them - we still get loads of questions about them! This time, however, you get an oil in a new and improved edition. What's new in our new limited edition oil? Let us show you!

A breath of the European summer - a sweet, raspberry scent

The first thing you will notice while using Tattoo Oil Raspberry is its amazing, sweet scent of fresh raspberries. It is not only a pleasure for the senses, but also a subtle touch that makes daily tattoo care a ritual of relaxation and pleasure.


Lightweight, better-absorbing formula

Raspberry Tattoo Care Oil is the fruit of our constant quest for perfection. We wanted a lightweight texture that absorbs instantly but also intensively cares for the skin. We have succeeded! No more greasy marks on clothes or discomfort from heavy, oily products. After all, everyone's skin has different needs and not everyone is looking for heavy textures either. Tattoo Oil Raspberry provides a feeling of moisturised and nourished skin without feeling like a film on the skin's surface.


Tattoo oil raspberry loveink


Practical and convenient atomiser - ideal for summer and travel

The atomiser bottle is a total game-changer in oil application. No more having to put your fingers in the can, or squeeze it onto your hand as you would with pipettes and tubes. This makes it perfect for those with busy lifestyles, those who love to travel and for those who value convenience and speed. 

We all know that summer can be a challenge when it comes to skincare. Our oil is the perfect choice for holidays and hot days. The lightweight formula is not only comfortable, but also nourishes and moisturises skin that is particularly prone to dryness in the summer.

Created for large tattoos

If you're adorned with extensive holes, you're in the right place. The oil spreads and absorbs instantly, significantly reducing your daily care time. No more tedious lubrication – Tattoo Oil Raspberry is comfort and efficiency in one!


For tattoo care from day one

Tattoo Oil Raspberry is safe to use from the very first day after tattooing. Thanks to the atomiser and lightweight formula, it does not require intensive rubbing in, and this is crucial for irritated and tender skin after a tattoo session. As a result, the skin is protected from irritation and the recovery process goes more smoothly. Our vegan and 99% natural formula is enriched with aloe vera extract, which is known for its soothing and regenerative properties. Aloe vera promotes skin regeneration, soothes irritation and provides optimal hydration.

Tattoo Oil Raspberry is not just a cosmetic – it is a complete solution to keep your tattoos well-groomed every day and in all conditions. With its lightweight formula, practical atomiser bottle and unique fragrance, caring for tattoos has never been so pleasant! Try Tattoo Oil Raspberry and experience a new dimension of care. Remember that this is a limited edition – don't delay your purchase or it might be too late!

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