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Z wliczonym podatkiem. Koszt wysyłki obliczony przy realizacji zakupu.

Take a look at our starter kit, which will allow you to start selling tattoo cosmetics in your studio.

Offer your customers natural, vegan products that work well in the healing and daily care process.

You will find everything in the starter kit that you and your customers need!

Start set can be ordered only when placing your first order in our store.

What's in the set?

3 x Tattoo Butter Papaya 50 ml
3 x Tattoo Butter Orange 50 ml
3 x Tattoo Butter Aloes 50 ml
1 x Tattoo Butter Papaya 100 ml
1 x Tattoo Butter Orange 100 ml
1 x Tattoo Butter Aloes 100 ml
1 x Tattoo Soap Silver 150 ml
1 x Tattoo Cream Pina Colada 50 ml
10 x Sachets Tattoo Cream Pina Colada 4 ml

1 x Stand
10 x Stickers-flyers with QR code " How to take care of a new tattoo?"

 Promotional offer for new customers (you can order it only once).

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