How long to wait for the delivery?

Our couriers fight fiercely over who prepares your order, so we send the parcel within 24 hours of receiving the payment, so it should be at your place within 2-5 working days from placing the order (It depends on what country the delivery is to.)

Can we specify what time the courier will deliver the parcel?

If you can't keep your face off the glass when you place your order and waiting for the parcel excites you more than the next tattoo session, you need to remember that we have no influence on the courier's work, traffic jams and searching for parking places near your house. We only know the day of delivery.

Are the cosmetics vegan and not tested on animals?

Our cosmetics are 100% vegan. We do not test them on animals, but we test them on ourselves because we have and love tattoos ourselves. We also make sure that the ingredients we use are not tested on animals, so we carefully select and check our suppliers.

Within the European Union, both the production and sale of cosmetics are covered by the European Parliament and Council Regulation 1223/2009, and according to this regulation from March 2013 the production and sale of cosmetics tested on animals is prohibited.

Do cosmetics have the necessary tests?

Yes, it is our duty. Without these tests our products could not be sold. This is required by the extremely strict standards imposed by the European Union. All our cosmetics are registered so that we can legally sell them in the European Union.

Are our cosmetics hypoallergenic?

Our products come into contact with irritated skin such as a freshly applied tattoo and that is why their hypoallergenicity is a very important aspect for us. Most of our cosmetics are hypoallergenic. What does this mean? Their specially selected formulation does not contain substances that are on the list of potential allergens. Only Tattoo Butter Orange contains orange essential oil, which is a potential allergen, so please check if you are allergic to citrus.

Can cosmetics irritate the skin?

At Loveink we try to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.

According to the provisions of the Act of 30 March 2001 on cosmetics (Journal of Laws No. 42, item 473, as amended) and the Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009, each cosmetic product, before being placed on the market, must undergo objective safety testing carried out by an independent expert, the so-called safety assessor, i.e. a person educated in pharmacy, toxicology or medicine. We comply with these requirements, but this still does not give a hundred percent certainty that our cosmetics are not allergenic to anyone.

Our cosmetics are a mixture of natural ingredients: butters, oils, extracts and essential oils. Nature is unpredictable. Nature is full of valuable substances, but it is also full of allergens. If you experience allergic reactions to various products (not only cosmetic ones), take a moment to carefully examine the INCI composition on our packaging to make sure that the ingredient you are allergic to is not present.

How long after opening can butters be used?

Butter has an expiry date of one year (from the date of production). Why? It is 100% natural and contains no preservatives. And the only E contained in it is... an extra portion of this vitamin.

Is it possible to buy the butters stationary?

We do not have our own shops yet, but you can get our cosmetics in many tattoo studios, vegan and natural products shops. You can see all points of sale on a special map on our website. Contact the outlet you are interested in and make sure that the entire assortment has not already been bought out.

How to take care of a tattoo?

You can find detailed information about care, maintenance and body art in the articles on our blog.

Typically, most tattoos take between two and even five weeks to heal - it all depends on the condition of your skin, the size of your tattoos, and the length and frequency of your sessions. That's why it's so important to be careful and carefully care for a fresh tattoo, which is an open wound. But even after it has healed, the skin requires more thorough care and special cosmetics designed for tattooed skin.