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Tattoo Cream

Light cream formula with pina colada scent.

Tattoo Cream is a real agent for special tasks among tattoo cosmetics. As many as 9 active ingredients, selected for maximum effectiveness during healing and in the daily care of the tattoo.

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More Tattoo Care

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Our mission is to spread good practices related to tattoos.

We know well that tattoos adorn our bodies and tell stories.

Our products make them vivid and sharp as well as full of shine for years! Our recipes are based on natural ingredients and their nutritional properties. All cosmetics are 100% natural and vegan. We test each product before it’s released for sale.

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Award winning

Loved by thousands of customers, Tattoo Butter is an excellent cosmetic for tattoo care. It is ideal both on a daily basis and during the healing period. The rich blend of natural butters is the best answer to the needs of tattooed skin.

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