How to care for a fresh tattoo?

How to care for a fresh tattoo?

If you want to fully enjoy your new tattoo, it is essential to always follow any aftercare instructions your tattoo artist provides. If you do not protect it from infection, especially in the first stages of healing, you risk various complications!

By now you are familiar with the tattoo healing phases. But you also need to know the crucial thing: how to take care of a fresh tattoo? We have a comprehensive knowledge compendium for you in a nutshell!




1. Directly after

Once the tattoo is done, the tattooist washes it: cleans it of ink residue, disinfects it (this unfortunately stings)
and applies a bandage - wrap it in foil and cover it with a paper patch. With such a wrapped tattoo you go home.

2. First bandage change

You take off the foil 2/3 hours after getting the tattoo or you leave it overnight - if the session ended very late. After removing the wrap, wash the tattoo thoroughly and gently: with lukewarm water and Tattoo Soap Silver LoveInk. Absolutely do not use any scented gels, soaps or scrubs! LoveInk Tattoo Soap is antibacterial and has only natural ingredients! It nurtures and cleanses the skin without the risk of infection. More importantly, it has a special atomiser that produces a foam, so you don't have to dab it on the surface of already irritated skin. After washing, carefully dry your tattoo with a paper towel, which will absorb the water, and in addition, there is no myriad of bacteria on it. Do not rub, scrub or use a regular towel!


3 Lubrication

After washing, lubricate with Tattoo Butter or Tattoo Cream LoveInk - only thin layer, all over the tattoo. For the first two weeks, lubricate the tattoo 3-4 times a day - to keep it moisturised. When scabs appear - don't scrape them off! Just gently apply LOVEINK butter onto the area! Otherwise you may end up cracking the epidermis, damaging the tattoo and eventually causing an infection!

Comparing the composition of the two ointments, Bepanthen and the Loveink butter created especially to care for tattoos, it is safe to say that the butter is better. It has a richer composition and will better regenerate a freshly made tattoo.

- confirms a pharmacist from Pharmacy Drohobycka in Wrocław.


4 Everything in moderation

To ensure that the tattoo heals well, a thin layer of Tattoo Butter LoveInk is sufficient. "The more the better" does not apply in this case! Rub it 3-4 times a day until it heals completely. How can you tell? Until every scab has come off and the epidermis is smooth - if it is still healing, the tattoo is kind of "convex". Absolutely do not put on any bandages or foil!

5 Washing

For the first 2 weeks, the tattoo needs frequent washing as plasma may ooze out of it. This is a natural process! This is not a henna tattoo, but the introduction of ink under the skin. For tattoo rinsing, Tattoo Soap Silver Loveink is a good choice. It contains mild cleansing agents and biocidal silver.


6 Healed tattoo

Now the tattoo has healed, but what's next? Well, now you need to look after it regularly. Rub it up regularly with LoveInk tattoo care products to keep the skin moisturised and the tattoo looking stunning all the time.

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